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Bolsover District u3a:

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What is Bolsover District u3a

Bolsover District u3a is for the semi-retired or retired who want to carry on learning and have the time to do it.

As part of the u3a movement it provides a great foundation of support and resources to help you get the most from your retirement.

Small groups on a range of subject meet, usually monthly. You can try out new groups, and enjoy the social side of still getting out and about. For full details visit:


Thinking of joining contact visit

Many bdu3a interest groups use Hillstown Village Hall for their meetings as it provides ample parking and easy access.

Oh. Well, I'm already a member of bdu3a.

In which case, hi! We hope you're very happy here at Hillstown Village Hall—we're certainly happy to have you. Anything that brings the community together is right up our alley, and I'd say what you're doing definitely fits.

I'm not a member but I want to be. How do I sort that out?

You should find all your relevant info on their website Maybe give them a call or send them an email?

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