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BDU3A: What's The Deal?

Updated: Nov 20

What's a BDU3A?

In short, they're an organisation for retired and semi-retired people that acts as a sort of skill exchange: you share your skills and experiences, and someone else will do the same for you. Unless your name happens to be Jack of All Trades, this seems like a pretty nifty opportunity. Check out their website if you want to know more.

When is the next meeting?

18th of December, 2.00pm – 4.00pm. Or, to put it another way, they're on the third Wednesday of every month. Don't be late!

Oh. Well, I'm already a member of BDU3A.

In which case, hi! We hope you're very happy here at Hillstown Village Hall—we're certainly happy to have you. Anything that brings the community together is right up our alley, and I'd say what you're doing definitely fits. We're not hard to please, here.

I'm not a member but I want to be. How do I sort that out?

You should find all your relevant info on the BDU3A website. Maybe give them a call or send them an email? I dunno, I'm not your mum.

Hillstown Miners Welfare Trust.

Originally set up as a charity to support the welfare of workers in the local mining community, Hillstown Miners Welfare Trust has developed in to a community based charity that provides facilities, activities, and events for residents of Hillstown and the wider area of Bolsover.


Registered Charity: 520546

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