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Dog Walking Club & Rovers Rest Café Now Monthly

So, good news bad news time. Good news? For all future iterations of the Rovers Rest Café, we'll be securing a speaker to cover relevant interest topics. Bad news? The café and the prior dog walk is changing to every month rather than every week. More specifically, it'll be on the third Saturday of the month.

This change is due to various reasons, mainly commitments from our current walk leader, but hey, it's not all bad. More time between events gives us more opportunity to plan things out, to bring out attendance up (to everyone who come last week: hi!), and of course, to get our speakers in. We may return to a weekly format with a new walk leader (check out our volunteers page), but for now, we think this will be ample. Thank you!

Hillstown Miners Welfare Trust.

Originally set up as a charity to support the welfare of workers in the local mining community, Hillstown Miners Welfare Trust has developed in to a community based charity that provides facilities, activities, and events for residents of Hillstown and the wider area of Bolsover.


Registered Charity: 520546

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