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New website launches!

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

Hello and welcome to the new Hillstown Village Hall website! If we’ve planned all this right, everything should now be more comprehensive, and lovelier, besides. Let’s see here…

What events are on?

Previously, you had to perform dark, secretive rituals in your basement to find out what events we’re running. Now, you can just check the regularly updated activities list on this very website. I mean, you can still do the rituals if you want, but this is probably the easier option.

What about the venues? Any more info?

Yep, I think we can help you out with that one. If you click over to the Our Facilities section, all your essential details should be ready for you, including how you might go about hiring them. If we’re missing anything, drop us a bell so we can smack the website designer about. Wait…that’s me. Oh no.

How can I volunteer?

To the Volunteer section with you! We’re a good sort, here. As Hillstown Village Halls go, I can confidently say that we’re the top dog. Probably a Labrador.

What’s going on with the charity?

In case Hillstown spontaneously combusts and we’re forced to change our name (arsonists just don’t think of these things), you’ll find it all in the News section. Also, unlike your big news sources, most of it will be positive and feelgood. What’s not to love?

How do I contact you?

Well, there’s the Contact Us section. That feels like a sensible place to check, if you ask me. You can try looking under ever nook and cranny instead, but we at Hillstown Village Hall want to save you the trouble. And your back.

Hillstown Miners Welfare Trust.

Originally set up as a charity to support the welfare of workers in the local mining community, Hillstown Miners Welfare Trust has developed in to a community based charity that provides facilities, activities, and events for residents of Hillstown and the wider area of Bolsover.


Registered Charity: 520546

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