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Our Volunteering Team Has Won An Award!

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Friends, family, bitter rivals (do we have those?), we gather you here today because hot diddly darn, we did good. More specifically, our volunteers won the Volunteer Team of the Year Award for 2019, as presented by the Volunteer Centre for Chesterfield and North East Derbyshire. I know what they say about tooting your own horn, but come on, I think a little horn tooting is understandable here. If not, too bad, we're doing it anyway! So, obviously we have to thank all our volunteers. We couldn't have won it without you, and it's through your hard work that the Village Hall became what it is today. Next, we'd like to thank Fiona Unwin from the Derbyshire County Council for her support, because you can't get an award if you're never nominated, can you? The Volunteer Centre needs a thank you as well, for both the award itself and a lovely award ceremony. Oh yes, and finally, we'd like to thank our community. The Village Hall is a labour of love, a place for the community, by the community, and it wouldn't exist without you. Now, with all the soppy thanks out of the way...WOOO! WE DID IT! HAHAHA!

P.S - Want to check out photos from the night, maybe see who won what? Click here to check out the Volunteer Centre website!

Left to right: Fiona Unwin, John King, Alison James and Fiona James

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