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"Village halls provide warm, welcoming spaces that bring people together, combat loneliness and support countless livelihoods"

Parish Council awards £2,500 to Hillstown Village Hall.


We were delighted that Scarcliffe Parish Council has been able to issue a grant of £2,500 towards the ongoing development of the Hillstown Village Hall, Nesbit Street site. This is the largest grant the Council has made to any community organisation in recent years.


Since 2022 the trustees have taken back control of the old St John's training building. The trustees decided to bring it back into use for the community.

We have had to obtain a grant to refurbish the building to bring it up to modern standards to hire out. We have also contributed around £15,000 of our own funds towards it.


For the building to be accessible to all, we are fitting a new emergency ramp for wheelchair users. The grant from the Parish Council will enable this to be constructed.


We envisage the completion of the newly named Garden Room to be available from October 2023.

7 Sept 2023

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1 July 23 Defib web small copy.jpeg

We are pleased to have received a life-saving defibrillator.

1st July 2023

We have just had a defibrillator fitted outside the hall for public use. This may save your life,

This community defibrillator has been installed in memory of Tom Henson, made possible by funds raised by the Tom Henson Charity Football Match.

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Volunteers Wanted

Join us

Let's Make A Change Together

Would you like to volunteer to help your local community at

Hillstown Village Hall.

Hillstown Village Hall is a registered charitable organisation run by volunteers and trustees who give their time to run this popular and well-used facility.

Being a volunteer opens up a number of opportunities and how your valuable contributions and ideas can help to run the many areas of the centre.

Giving a couple of hours every month or week will help us keep the centre open and relevant.

With your help, we can continue to provide the ever-growing need for our village hall.

For an informal chat on becoming a volunteer,

please contact Julie at  01246 731189  or drop in at the office or send a message  HERE

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