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Why do we have an ‘Environmental Policy’?


We have been committed over several years to recycle and reduce waste at the centre.

By bringing the best practice guidelines together in one policy, it will enable us to make better informed decisions.



The Trustees of Hillstown Miner’s Welfare Trust are committed to protecting and promoting the improvement of the local environment.

This means making business decisions that create both environmental and economic value for our centre.



1.   Looking at what we use.

We will look at our carbon footprint and regularly review a variety of changes, such as reducing electric bills by moving to LED lighting or recyclable products.


2.  Use recyclable materials.

We are determined to purchase only recyclable materials when possible

3  Recycling bins in the centre.

We have installed recycling bins for users to dispose and cut down on waste generated.

4.  Reduce paper use.

Whenever we can, will look at alternative means of reducing printing and paper use.

5.  Get everyone on board.

Starting with ourselves, being aware of the waste we generate and lowering our carbon footprint will encourage others to make that commitment.

It’s not just about now, it’s about our future.

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