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Our Future Plans

Welcome to Hillstown Village Hall: Plans for a Brighter Future

2024 will be a big year for the village hall. The Centenery year since the land at Hillstown was purchased by the mining community.

Lots of future plans coming soon.

...much more than a village hall.
Garden roomWeb small .png

Welcome to Hillstown Village Hall's new Function Room.

The Garden Room.

Becoming available, in Autumn 2023 for private hire. Meetings, parties, etc.

Suitable for up to 40 people.

Stand-alone private building.

With a grant from Valencia Communities Fund, we have renovated the old St John Ambulance Training room, creating a stylish modern function room to hire.


As part of our ongoing improvements, we are working to be an Environment Aware Site.

This strategy will improve all aspects of the site including energy efficiency, reducing waste, and recycling or re-purposing.

Valencia Communities Funding has allowed us to make our first major step to becoming sustainable by fitting solar panels and storage batteries to reduce our carbon footprint

This room is unsuitable for events requiring the hanging of party decorations as this will damage the decor of the room.

We do not allow pets in this carpeted area. Please look at the Studio or Main Hall for alternative rooms.  


Providing support  for our 

Centenary projects

1923 - 2024

Village Hall site Plans

In 2021 the trustees reviewed the whole site. Our plan is to keep it relevant for the future of the trust.

One of the main issues was the limited life of the hall itself.  Although we are constantly updating the hall, repair costs are having a greater impact on maintaining the site.

We are looking at eventually replacing the hall.  Sustainability will be our main consideration as heating the hall over winter months has risen greatly.

We have looked over the years at how the usage of the site has changed.  Our primary use remains the same, for local groups but also for the NHS to continue to run services after the loss of the local hospital.

We were pleased to be chosen for the first Covid-19 testing station for the Bolsover area due to our size, location, and car parking ability.

We plan to incorporate the new build in line with the Community Emergency Plan Toolkit due to its strategic position for the town.

A replacement hall will take a number of years to get the funding required, so we started our planning by building a number of facilities that would enhance its use for the increasing population of Bolsover.

  1. A new hall would be rotated to allow maximum solar panel coverage to contribute to its sustainability. This would be a site on the existing field where previous planning was agreed to allow for a much-needed larger car park.  Moving it further back on the field would also prove to be less intrusive to nearby residents.

  2. Doubling the capacity of the existing car park with larger events using overspill onto the field to keep traffic flowing on Mansfield Road and Nesbit Street.

  3. Use of the Main building would incorporate a stage suitable for shows and with adaptation to allow a cinema.

Initial drawings v1.3
HVH New hall alpha.png
Initial drawings v1.7
2021 proposal.png

Parish Council awards £2,500 to Hillstown Village Hall.


We were delighted that Scarcliffe Parish Council has been able to issue a grant of £2,500 towards the ongoing development of the Hillstown Village Hall, Nesbit Street site. This is the largest grant the Council has made to any community organisation in recent years.


Since 2022 the trustees have taken back control of the old St John's training building. The trustees decided to bring it back into use for the community.

We have had to obtain a grant to refurbish the building to bring it up to modern standards to hire out. We have also contributed around £15,000 of our own funds towards it.


For the building to be accessible to all, we are fitting a new emergency ramp for wheelchair users. The grant from the Parish Council will enable this to be constructed.


We envisage the completion of the newly named Garden Room to be available from October 2023.

7 Sept 2023

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