Maintenance Assistant

If minor maintenance jobs start to pile up with no one to do them, that's when it becomes a major maintenance job. As a maintenance assistant, your task would be to nip these minor jobs in the bud, creating a safer, high-functioning space for the community. Such jobs may include (but are not limited to): changing lightbulbs, touching up paint and hanging curtains or blinds.

Previous experience as a maintenance assistant is preferred, but not required. The hours are completely flexible and on an as-needed basis. Sometimes, weeks go by when nothing breaks and no maintenance tasks need completing. In theory.

Hillstown Miners Welfare Trust.

Originally set up as a charity to support the welfare of workers in the local mining community, Hillstown Miners Welfare Trust has developed in to a community based charity that provides facilities, activities, and events for residents of Hillstown and the wider area of Bolsover.


Registered Charity: 520546

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