Hire rates from 1st September 2022

Dear hall user,


As you are no doubt aware, the price of gas and electricity has risen.

As a result we have had to increase the Village Hall hire charges to cover the additional cost of heat and light.

Please find below the new hire rates, which will come into effect on 1st September 2022.

In line with other Village Halls, setting up or clearing away time, you will need to include in your hire time.


If you need further details, please contact our office.




Kevin Bates.      On behalf of the trustees.

New hire rates, from 1st September 2022

Please note all new bookings made for September onward will be invoiced at the new rate.

Hillstown Village Hall hire rates 1st September 2022

Mon - Fri                                                                 Standard          Non-profit/Charitable

Main Hall. Per hour (minimum two hours)                       £14.00                     £12.00


Studio. Per hour                                                                   £9.00                       £8.00


Meeting Room. Per hour                                                     £8.00                      £7.00


Pavilion only. Per hour                                                         £9.00                      £8.00


Bowling Green plus Pavilion**                                         £20.00                   £18.00.  (or, £3 per player for 2 hr play).

Playing Field Per hour                                                        £15.00                   £10.00

Football Pitch per Match                                                   £25.00                   £25.00    including. changing facilities


**Bowling green available March to September approx. 26 weeks year.


Set up and clear-away times at the hourly rate


Saturday /  Sunday.                                                 Standard           Non-profit/Charitable

Main Hall, weekends. Per hour (min two hours)             £25.00*                 £24.00*         Private Parties

(a) breakage fee £100 returnable.        (b)To be cleared away by 11.30 pm.

Set up and clear-away times at the hourly rate

Whole Building only (9am-5pm) or part of.                 £120.00*                  £100.00*


Whole Building and Playing Field (9am-5pm) or part of  £140.00*           £110.00*

N0 electrical extensions are allowed from the hall.


Playing Field only (9am-5pm)                                       £60.00*                     £50.00*

Use of hall toilets by arrangement.   NO electrical extensions are allowed from the hall.


* £40  Cancellation fee will be invoiced if less than 2 weeks’ notice is given.

Please allow time to set-up and clear-away